Dept Festival, September 1st - Thuishaven Amsterdam

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Friday September 1st 2017
13.00 - 22.00
Thuishaven Amsterdam

The Empire Strikes Back… X-Men II… That season of Fargo with Kirsten Dunst... Everyone knows that the second instalment is always the best.

The second edition of Dept Festival will be on September 1st at Thuishaven Amsterdam. Come join 1500 of the smartest people in the digital industry for sun, sand and inspiration.

So take out your phone right now and plan a new meeting for 13.00 on September 1st 2017.
We’ll see you there!

Line up 2017
  1. Dennis Weening
    Dennis Weening

    What would Dept Festival be without our favorite host of the day: Dennis Weening? Dennis is a famous Dutch radio-DJ, VJ, and presenter. And trust us, you won't be bored.

  2. Mr. Bingo
    Mr. Bingo

    Mr. Bingo, artist, illustrator and public speaker, is famous for being rude. You might also know him from a hilarious Kickstarter video promoting his recent book Hate Mail, or maybe you’ve seen his bus stop poster advertising for a wife. He has worked with The Washington Post, The Mighty Boosh and The New Yorker and describes himself as having a "slightly smaller than average" head and "girl's arms". His lesson? If you think you’ve made it: retire, kill yourself and give up. A story on how to challenge life constantly trying to better yourself and make new things.

  3. Topher White
    Topher White

    Topher White is the founder of our favorite NGO: Rainforest Connection. He’s fashioned a simple device made of discarded cell phones and solar panels that detect and send alerts when it picks up the sound of chainsaws in protected rainforests, allowing for real-time intervention. Rainforest Connection has helped stop illegal logging and poaching operations in Sumatra. Now the system is being expanded to three more rainforest reserves in Indonesia, the Amazon, and Africa. Topher tells all about the almost-always present sound of chainsaws, and the simple, scalable way to stop this brutal deforestation and make the world a better place with the use of technology.

  4. Stefan Sagmeister
    Stefan Sagmeister

    Renowned for album covers, posters and his recent book of life lessons, designer Stefan Sagmeister invariably has a slightly different way of looking at things. Today, he is one of the most imaginative and original creative thinkers around and earned practically every important international design award. During Dept Festival he will take us on a whimsical journey through moments of his life that made him happy — and notes how many of these moments have to do with good design.

  5. CLUPTOWN Soundsystem
    CLUPTOWN Soundsystem

    CLUPTOWN is all about good vibes, pretty people and lots of '90s R&B and hiphop. CLUPTOWN Soundsystem (Jos Kel, Sunny Sjoerd and Achmed Akkabi) provides you with only good times, with dancing till you drop and that impossible-to-stop feeling. Don't miss out...

  6. Aubrey de Grey
    Aubrey de Grey

    Aubrey de Grey is a true frontiersman, daring to push out against what seems like one of the most natural and unstoppable forces of nature - aging. He’s not just another voice though. He's the Chief Science Officer of SENS Foundation, a California-based charity dedicated to combating the aging process. He identifies aging as a disease, one that can be cured with the right medicine. His work calls for serious scientific exploration of what causes tissue to age and to then find solutions to those components - what he calls the roadmap to defeat biological aging. Share his story to learn how to live forever.

  7. Jason English Kerr
    Jason English Kerr

    Jason English Kerr is a designer, creative thinker, and maker who strives to work at the intersection of clever ideas, refined design, and creative technology. He is as happy playing in the glowing light of a computer screen as he is in the glowing lights of laser projectors. For the previous four years, he worked at Autofuss and Bot & Dolly combining design, animation, filmmaking and robotic technology. Currently, he is exploring the world of Virtual Reality as an Art Director and Motion Designer with Google Daydream VR. Be prepared for some of the most beautiful things you've ever seen in VR...

  8. The Ayoub Sisters
    The Ayoub Sisters

    The multi-instrumentalist sisters Sarah and Laura, also known as The Ayoub Sisters, cross the boundaries between classical and contemporary music. Their first two singles went straight to the top of the iTunes classical chart. The duo are one of the only acts in the world that play two instruments through one loop station. They can swap instruments during the pieces they play.

  9. DJ Justin Verkijk
    DJ Justin Verkijk

    Every morning, Justin Verkijk awakens The Hague with his roar in his show Den Haag FM. On the weekends you’ll find him in the nightlife, often weaponed with a microphone or behind turntables. If that wasn't enough, he's also the regular ringmaster at festivals like Lowlands, Pitch, Lentekabinet and Dekmantel Festival.

  10. DJ LAO LAO

    DJ Lao Lao has always been great in atmosphere. She spins a selection of those records that you really like but can never remember the title of. From the positive tunes of the good old days to modern well-known hits, Lao Lao keeps the party pumping and mixes nothing but good vibrations.

  11. Liza Enebeis
    Liza Enebeis

    Of course Dept is a community of people, 610 of them. But as your accountant will tell you, the numbers are important also. And sometimes numbers are stories themselves. Stories that make you wonder. What does 5273 say? How many chickens are needed to produce 45.000 eggs? And what do we have 124 of? You can count them today.

  12. Dimi Albers
    Dimi Albers

    Dimi is our second host of the day! He has a natural passion and energy that is not only heard, but truly felt. As Dept's Managing Director and with over 15 years of experience in our industry, he's the one to talk to when it comes to all things digital. Moving business forward is what he likes the best, because when the sun comes up, you better be running…

  13. Nicole Grentzer
    Nicole Grentzer

    No, Facebook did NOT just shut down an Artificial Intelligence program for inventing a private language. But machines are painting abstract pieces of art, by themselves. Learn about how this works, see the results and find out for yourselves: Is their work any good? And are machines expressing themselves or are humans using machines to express themselves?

  14. Stephanie Legue
    Stephanie Legue

    Imagine a circus full of monkeys. They are adorable, funny, playful and almost impossible to ignore. And you don't want to, because... they are monkeys for crying out loud! But sometimes you have to. For their sake. And yours.

  15. Zjanna Reinders
    Zjanna Reinders

    "And what do you do?" The most boring common question we ask each other. The best answer is a single job title. One thing. But not everyone can honestly name that one thing. They cannot narrow themselves down. And why should they? Why should we?

  16. Deejay Irie
    Deejay Irie

    Born and raised in São Paolo, Brazil. Deejay Irie currently lives in Groningen, The Netherlands. Gifted with a pair of hands that operate best at the speed of sound and a broad interest in styles and genres, Irie (his real name) is one of The Netherlands most forthgoing, top notch turntablists, renowned for his skills. We’re very happy that he is going to show his skills at the Dept Festival!

  17. Pat Smith
    Pat Smith

    Pat was a competitive surfer in his teens and twenty's. Pat travelled the world in search of the best waves. The many travels have inspired his music. His music is produced by Jaap Wiewel (Killing Skills) and Robin Veldman. They create a backdrop of vibey samples, electronic beats and acoustic instruments to compliment Pat's raw voice. On stage Pat is backed by live electronics, drums, guitar and keys.

  18. Arthur Stobbelaar
    Arthur Stobbelaar

    You probably love the tech origin stories, with charming young nerdy guys in t-shirts and flip-flops creating brilliant stuff from scratch in their parent’s garage, flipping the establishment off, changing the world - and becoming billionaires. I have some sad news for you: those stories are not true. The real story is better! It only hurts a little. Or a lot.

  19. Bart Manuel
    Bart Manuel

    Bart is co-founder of Dept Agency as well as a hero in the field of technology and innovation. As a 22-year veteran in the industry, he is always looking for smarter, better and more satisfying. He goes for the questions that make you think. With extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, he’s going to inspire you during his talk.

  20. João Inácio
    João Inácio

    When we are inside the box, we want out. Especially when we're creating, we hate to feel constrained. What we don't realise is that without restrictions we're lost. We need boundaries to push, limits to pursue, edges to find. Constraints force us to go beyond what we think is possible. And there's beauty in that. Just look inside.

  21. Jason van Alphen
    Jason van Alphen

    Imagine the future. Not the far away ‘flying cars - outer space - aliens - identical outfits - Terminator - Fifth Element - WALL-E’ future. But the near one. The voice search one. Five years from now. You will still be there. But be aware! Things will be different. And you need to keep up. So start listening to me - and start talking to machines.

  22. Mustafa Himdi & Job Deibel
    Mustafa Himdi & Job Deibel

    Buzzwords. We all like them. We all feel stupid and excluded when we don’t know them. So we all use them, even when we are not sure what they mean. We need them to sound smart and impress people. Drop by and hear our thoughs about how to correctly use this fashionable nonsense. So – Loose the buzzword orgy and tell me the truth.

  23. Lucas Nutbey
    Lucas Nutbey

    Junkies are desolate Gollum like creatures with one singular purpose. And I am one. But you could follow me for a full day and not notice my addiction - mostly because you would be staring at something else. I have a problem, you have a problem and we are the solution. Somehow.

  24. Talk Show
    Talk Show

    Why don't millennials read the news? Why ​is fake news bad for you? Why is content such a dirty word for journalists? What is the future of media? Peter Vandermeersch (NRC Handelsblad), Giselle van Cann (NOS Journaal) and Merijn Henfling (Lindanieuws) know it all. Dept's own editor-in-chief Freek Staps will get some answers for you.

Throw yourself into Dept.

We can imagine that you want to be there. Unfortunately this is an invite only event. But if you are sweet to Marlien, she can maybe arrange a ticket for you. Contact her by phone or email and let her know why you really, really want to be there.